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Springville Crossing Church

Caring: Meal Train

“An easy, effective, and powerful way to practically care for people and show the love of Jesus!”

When life hands you a surprise sometimes it can be hectic to plan meal time!  Meal Train is an electronic way that our church can jump into action rather quickly and effectively to assist people during said times.

We basically use an on-line tool to input a need and then it gets automatically shot out to a number of people of the church whom have expressed a willingness to prepare and/or provide meals during a time of need for someone. 

If you become aware of someone facing unexpected circumstances or face them yourself and a few days of dinners would help, then please …email: meals@springvillecrossing.org (or call Jeanne at (716)560-8726) with a description of the need and YOUR phone number so someone can contact you to gather the details.  They will also inform you if they plan to proceed with the request, or not.  If they plan to proceed the process will begin.