​Springville Crossing Church

Monday Night Movies (M-N-M’s) 

Did you know that there are like A LOT of positive content, faith-based movies out there.  AND, they are actually well-produced with pretty solid acting?  The industry has really come a long way!  So, we like to offer these movies FREE on the big screen at the Joylan at different times throughout the year.  And, to even make this more meaningful, we like to highlight a local not-for-profit in our community/region that does a good work and give a voluntary opportunity for movie attendees to give financially towards their efforts.  In winter/spring 2016/2017 we blessed not-for-profits in the amount of $3,217 through these giving opportunities!


​With questions or for more information please contact:

       Crystal via email at crystal@springvillecrossing.org or via phone/text at (208)520-6914.

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