A Christ-centered, community-minded church with the goal of helping people know Christ and become more like him.

Springville Crossing Church


Let’s face it…marriage takes work!  At The Crossing we are committed to provide avenues to proactively put in some of that work!  Once per month we open our doors on a Monday night at the Joylan to married, engaged,  and seriously considering engagement couples (male/female) to:

Connect: Connect with our spouse and as couples.
Grow:  Grow by better understanding God’s design and plan for marriage. And be equipped with applicable/practical tools to help us to pursue that design and plan.

Pray:  Pray specifically about our own marriages and the state of marriage overall.
These settings will be non-threatening yet meaningful and challenging.

Here are our planned Monday Night Couples dates thus far:

We are exploring the Core 4 Habits of a Great Marriage.  There is GREAT news! 

God’s way for marriage may not be easy to live out…but…it is certainly easy to understand! 

Come see how!

  • Monday January 15th @ The Edge in Springville - Topic "Have Serious Fun"
  • Monday February 12th @ The Edge in Springville - Topic "Respect & Love"
  • Monday March 12th @ The Edge in Springville - Topic "Love God First"
  • Monday April 16th @ The Edge in Springville - Topic "Practice Your Promise"

These setting will be 7-8:30pm.  And, we do have an on-site childcare option.  With questions please contact:

       Keith by email at: keith@springvillecrossing.org or via phone/text at (716)560.4704.

Also, within the year (date still TBD) we offer a more extensive Couples Retreat.  They are a great mix of fun, food, learning, and special memories with your significant other.