A Christ-centered, community-minded church with the goal of helping people know Christ and become more like him.

Springville Crossing Church


Crossing Mission Statement

(a short description of why we exist)

We exist to help people:

Receive God’s Love

 Reciprocate God’s Love
  Reflect God’s Love

 Rejoice in God’s Love

Crossing Vision Statement

(a short description of what we desire to see happen)
 We desire to help people know Christ and become more like him.

Crossing Method

(How we accomplish our Mission & Vision.  These would be considered the “branches” of ministry we are engaged in & that Elder(s) oversee)

Prayer:  Covering all we do.

 Celebration:  Corporate Worship Gatherings

Connection:  Smaller Groups of People Gathering for Healthy Relationship, Discipleship, Learning, and Support to happen.

Caring:  Showing and sharing the love of Christ in the world we are a part of.

 Administration:  Office and background support ministry.